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normal Does loginVSI support cross domains operations?

  • hongplin
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12 Jul 2012 20:31 #389 by hongplin
hongplin created the topic: Does loginVSI support cross domains operations?
Our test platform is to test Citrix XenDesktop solution. Basically all the VMS we hosted in the data center side are in a special domains called xyz.net. And in the branch side, we have another group of client hosts in a completely difference domain called abc.net. Each of those groups have their own independent domain controller.

In short,

abc.net <-> xyz.net

Now, I am trying to use the loginVSI to test this environment.
I read the documents. And one of the instruction is to configure the loginVSI active directory accounts. Should I configure them in the domain in abc.net or xyz.net or both? Or does loginVSI support this situation?
And should I create VSIShare in the abc.net or xyz.net? or does it matter?

Eventually, you can see that "Laucher" and "Target" will be in different domains? Does LoginVSI support this case?


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17 Jul 2012 13:59 #394 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Re: Does loginVSI support cross domains operations?

Login VSI runs from the context of a user. If your environment works from a users perspective then it works for VSI.

Here is how i read your post.
- You have your users endpoints in domain abc.net.
- From this endpoint they connect to a XenDesktop environment in xyz.net.

The VSI user accounts should be created so that they can connect to the XenDesktop environment. I assume that means they need to be made in the xyz.net domain. Please note that you do not need to use the VSI AD setup, it's just easier to do so.

The VSI share needs to be accessible from both the abc.net and the xyz.net domain. From a performance perspective i'd put the VSI share in the xyz.net domain. The target environment (XenDesktop) will be accessing the VSI share a lot more than the launching environment (branch office).

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