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normal IE9 "crashes" during Workload

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17 Jul 2012 12:38 - 17 Jul 2012 12:38 #392 by
created the topic: IE9 "crashes" during Workload
Hi there,

every time the workload tries to open www.lonelyplanet.com the IE9 crashes with error message "IE has stopped working" (see attachement).

Attachment not found

Everything is working fine if you just open the localy stored websites in C:\Program Files\Login Consultants...

We already tried to reinstall Flash, run the workload without flash, disable IE security settings etc. but we still get the same error message.

Any ideas? Is it a known bug? What happens there immediately after the workload opens this website?

Thanks and Best Regards

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17 Jul 2012 13:17 #393 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Re: IE9 "crashes" during Workload

There are two version of Internet Explorer (IE) on 64 bit systems. A 32 bit version (found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer) and a 64 bit version (C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer).
VSI normally defaults to the 32 bit version of IE because flash was not supported on 64 bit for a while.

Can you please check if this issue happens with either version of IE?

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18 Jul 2012 04:33 - 18 Jul 2012 09:20 #397 by
replied the topic: Aw: IE9 "crashes" during Workload
Hi Dennis,

the 64bit Version of IE doesn´t allow to set him as the default browser, so the 32bit Version will always be the default one. Or do you know any workaround?

Also the Workload Configuration of LoginVSI doesn´t allow to set a customized IE path.

The strange thing is, that the IE doesn´t have a problem with the first website launch (BBC). Only after the second website launch (lonelyplanet.com) the IE will stop working. That´s the reason why i asked what´s happening there (hardcoded) immediately after launching the website.

I hope someone can help with this issue. We are not able to do any loadtesting at the moment.

Thanks and Best Regards

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18 Jul 2012 10:22 #399 by
replied the topic: Aw: IE9 "crashes" during Workload
I have finally found the reason for this issue:

Our two launchers are virtual machines and we had enabled the flash acceleration feature from Citrix Xendesktop. It seems like that the IE stops working if the virtual launcher machine tries to render the flash content with his virtual GPU.

Now we are using server-side flash rendering and everything seems to work fine. But does server-side flash rendering have a significant impact to the VSIMax result?

Thanks and best Regards

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18 Jul 2012 12:39 #400 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Re: Aw: IE9 "crashes" during Workload
I imagine using server side flash rendering will make an impact. I don't think the normal webpages will make a large impact but i do think that the flash video we play will make an impact.

However, i've been told that flash redirection only works for websites served from an actual web server. The websites in the VSI workload are saved webpages run from the local filesystem.

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