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Problem with medium workload stopping to save .xps

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23 Jul 2012 13:48 #401 by jpb6loginvsi
I am trying to get LoginVSI (Express version) to work in my environment. My test starts out running great. About 50% through my medium workload job testing VMware View clients, the Launcher machine gets a Save As dialog asking to save an .xps doc. This is not inside the VDI desktop, it is on the launcher desktop. I get one dialog box per test machine and each test is "hung" at the same spot in Word. Attached is a screenshot. Any suggestions?



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23 Jul 2012 15:52 #402 by d.geerlings

This is caused by printer redirection. Login VSI requires the Bullzip PDF printer to be the default printer. There are several ways to resolve this issue:

Disable printer redirection
The easiest way to resolve this is by disabling printer redirection.
For VMware View there are a few options. Most of them are documented in a VMware KB article as well: kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/sea...C&externalId=2003626
1. Disable the TP AutoConnect and TP VC Gateway services on the VM. This will disable printer redirection.
2. Reinstall the VMware addins and do not install the Virtual Printing and/or ThinPrint feature.
3. Through policy/registry. See this link for more information. kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/sea...C&externalId=1003781
4. By adding /noVMwareAddins to the VMware View client command line. Please note that this parameter is NOT documented by VMware and may as a result be removed from future releases of the View client.

Remove all the printer from the launcher
If there are no printers on the launcher there will be no printers to be redirected.

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  • jpb6loginvsi
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23 Jul 2012 16:48 #403 by jpb6loginvsi
Hi Dennis,

Thank you so much for the quick, helpful response. Once I got rid of the launcher printers, the script ran flawlessly. You rock!


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