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normal Workloads

  • wojerclark
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25 Jul 2012 16:13 #406 by wojerclark
wojerclark created the topic: Workloads
Do you have estimated IOPS per desktop for your workloads? As an example: A light VSI workload will generate X number of IOPS per desktop, a heavy VSI workload will generate Y number of IOPS per desktop. Also do you know how the workloads compare to the VMware RAWC workloads?

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29 Jul 2012 21:11 #409 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Re: Workloads
In my test environment a medium workload will generate on average about 35000 commands (as measured by ESXTop) over the first 50 sessions in a test with 105 desktops.

This number is heavily influenced by for instance anti-virus, background services etc. That is why we recommend to test this in your own environment, for example when comparing different AV products we saw differences up to 2000 percent within the same desktop.

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