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VDI Test fails with floating pool

  • abaxter
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02 Aug 2012 14:39 #416 by abaxter
When attempting to run the Create Profile test the launcher will start the session but when the target comes up it fails with an error that there is no configuration for the machine. I am using a floating pool with out persistent disks so I never know what machine any given user will log into. Any help with getting this working is greatly appreciated.

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02 Aug 2012 19:00 #417 by d.geerlings
At everyone else reading this, we are picking this up through email. I will update this topic when we have resolved the issue.

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06 Aug 2012 20:15 - 06 Aug 2012 20:15 #423 by d.geerlings
This problem has been resolved, there were two issues:

1, The target environment also had the VSI launcher installed. The message regarding the configuration comes from the launcher not being able to find launcher configuration in the current test for the specific launcher.
Solution: Do NOT install the VSI launcher on your target environment.

2, The VSI target installation was incomplete. Part of the VSI target installation is a file copy to %programfiles%\login consultants\VSI. This copy action will fail when the installation is not ran as an administrator. When the file copy fails VSI will not start as there is nothing to start since the VSI executable hasn't been copied.
Solution: Run the VSI target setup as administrator.

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