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normal Launcher question

  • Araminta
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08 Aug 2012 22:06 #427 by Araminta
Araminta created the topic: Launcher question
I have installed LoginVSI 3.6.1 express in a test environment, but I cannot get the Launcher to work

The Launcher and the Management console are installed on the same Windows 7 virtual machine.

When I open the LoginVSI Management console no Launcher is listed and there does not seem to be anyway of adding a Launcher. I have uninstalled and reinstaled the product with no luck. The user account I am using has write priveleges on the file share. I can create jobs but obviousy with no Launcher they wont run.

The launcher does start with no errors, it displays the License information and the message "Launcher stand-by: Waiting to prepare test."


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08 Aug 2012 22:16 #428 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Re: Launcher question

You can add a launcher by right clicking and choosing Add Launcher. The launcher name refers to the computer name of the launcher. Do NOT use the fully qualified domain name.


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