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Need Help on running the login vsi

  • kirankumarcelestial
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06 Jan 2012 14:13 #45 by kirankumarcelestial
We are trying to run Login VSI for application virtualization, I have a small query, can somebody please clarify.

I have run the Login VSI for 60 User on Locally installed setup, now I got the Score say 50, and now I want to run it for Application virtualization Product, what should be the number of user, is it supposed to be 60, or I need to choose the number of user based on where it reaches VSI MAX, can you please clarify on this.

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09 Jan 2012 09:11 #47 by d.geerlings
This question was already answered by Mark by email. I'll copy/paste the reply here:

To reproduce the same test, and being able to compare results every setting needs to be the same. Therefore I recommend configuring VSI to 60 sessions again and rerun the test. The VSImax will then automatically be calculated and should be a little bit lower when using application virtualization. By the way have you checked projectvrc.com ? There is a complete whitepaper available for free that shows the impact of application virtualization on performance. This is also calculated using VSI.

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  • kirankumarcelestial
  • kirankumarcelestial's Avatar Topic Author
09 Jan 2012 09:26 #48 by kirankumarcelestial

Thank you very much for your response, this makes it quite clear, Here is what I Understand from the above reply.

If I run Login-VSI for Local with say 60 User(VM), I should run Application Virtualization with same number of user.

Please correct me if there is something wrong in my understanding.

Thanks for the link www.projectvrc.com , I think this is much useful for my tests.

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