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RDP Sessions start but no activity

  • renko
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23 Aug 2012 23:03 #463 by renko
I've done a vanilla install and followed the installation and troubleshooting guides carefully - everything seems to check out.

When I invoke a test, I have RDP sessions start but with no activity.

I am currently running VSI3.6 on an win2008r2 server. Any help appreciated.

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24 Aug 2012 07:25 - 24 Aug 2012 08:05 #464 by o.bouhaj
Hi John,

Is the VSIShare accessible for all users?
Did you install the 'Target' setup on the w2008r2 host?

I can provide you a screen share session to get you started if you'd like. I'll contact you via e-mail, if you contact me via PM here.



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  • renko
  • renko's Avatar Topic Author
24 Aug 2012 15:02 #478 by renko
Hi Omar,

The VSIshare is accessible. Target "setup" has been run on the target platform which is win7. The launcher host is win2kr2, but I did not run the target setup there. Would love to do a screen share, but I am PST. I will contact you via PM so we can setup a screen share at a mutually convenient time.


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