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normal load script slow to start

  • 2nikon
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28 Aug 2012 18:52 #487 by 2nikon
2nikon created the topic: load script slow to start
Got a new issue today, I'm testing a beefy server, and I need to ramp up the load to about 300 sessions (bare metal xenapp 6.5 2008 R2 server). The first 100 sessions or so - everything is fine, I can see that within a few seconds of the user logging in the load script starts up. However, at some point (100-150 users on the box) the script starts up after a very long delay, it could be minutes after the user session started and I can see the desktop. At the same time, in the management console I can see that "Started" number can be like 180, but Active can be 110-120. The problem is that this seems to screw up the results, where I'll see VSIMax Corrected = 117, but Uncorrected is 184.

Any ideas on how to make the load script start more reliably right after the user logged in?


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29 Aug 2012 04:29 #489 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Re: load script slow to start

VSI is started by a combination of logon script and Windows Explorer executing a specific registry key.

The VSI logon script is executed after group policy processing is done but before the Windows Explorer shell is loaded. This allows the logon script to set a registry key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run to start the main VSI executable when the Windows Explorer is loaded. When the Windows Explorer shell is loaded it will execute the programs specified under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. This is when the main VSI executable starts and the VSI workload starts. VSI has no influence over how fast/slow this process progresses. The only influence on this process is your systems performance.

The difference between launched and active session is exactly that. A launched session is a session that has been launched by the VSI launcher. A session is considered launched once the launcher has executed the command line for that session. The launcher does not care if your command line was successful. Once the main VSI executable is started a session is considered active.

Looking at the number of sessions that got stuck, the difference between VSIMax uncorrected and corrected is the number of stuck session, i expect your system was having trouble handling all of the users. Can you send me the data of this test? If you zip the data you should be able to attach it to a forum post. I can also provide you with a FTP location to upload the data to if you prefer that.

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  • 2nikon
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29 Aug 2012 13:48 #490 by 2nikon
2nikon replied the topic: Re: load script slow to start
Here are the results of my latest run. Like before, the first 100 users or so look fine, the load script starts almost immediately after I see the taskbar. After that, I start seeing more and more of the delay in starting of the load script. As I get close to 200 "sessions started", I can see 3-5 minute delay between a started session and the load starting up.
The result is also a bit suspect, I see Uncorrected = 204, Corrected = 177, but the chart shows quite a bit more users on before the sharp spike in delays, the line is more or less flat up till 232 users, and then it begins to jump.
Results are attached

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