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normal Silent install for Setups?

  • snash
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31 Aug 2012 21:48 #492 by snash
snash created the topic: Silent install for Setups?
I'm trying to script up the installation of the Target Setup.exe, and was looking for an option to silently install, but couldn't find one. Is there such an option? If not, what do others do, use an AutoIt script?

Or provision VMs after setting up one target VM? I am currently using Hyper-V/RemoteFX, and find provisioning very cumbersome.

Thanks in advance,


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01 Sep 2012 03:54 #494 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Re: Silent install for Setups?
I already answered this question by email. For others with a similar question, the answer was

From my colleague:
"c:\Target setup\lib\vsi_deploy.cmd" \\server\share
Where the \\server\share is the UNC path to the VSI share

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