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No AD account creation, nor GPO creation

  • aong
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21 Sep 2012 21:26 #505 by aong

We have a View VDI environment running and would like to load test the performance using VSI Login. However, as we do not have a lab environment, we need to test against our production environment, which is were our VDI is housed. We don't want to modify AD by creating any users accounts or creating GPOs. Would it even be possible to utilize VSI Login for testing without modifying anything in AD?

Thank you

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21 Sep 2012 22:13 #506 by d.geerlings

Have a look at this post: Using VSI with existing users

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  • aong
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14 Oct 2012 01:00 #544 by aong
Thanks Dennis.

Another question. I have a View 5.0 environment that I want to load test. However, I would like to test using a single user account against a single VDI VM (target). From a single launcher machine, can I legitimately test 45-50 simultaneous sessions against a single VDI VM target or will I need to create 50 individual VDI VMs to test against as targets?

Also, from a launcher perspective, I can only launch a single session of the View client from my launcher workstation to the target at one time. The view client on my launcher machine does not allow more than one active VDI session at a time, so the next View session has to wait until the existing script finishes before it can log in. So even if I had 50 separate VDI VMs as targets, I would only have the ability to launch a test to connect to one VDI machine from my launcher at a time.

So will I need multiple launchers (separate launcher machines) equipped with the View client to initiate each of the 50 tests against 50 separate VDI VMs or am I missing something?

Thanks for your help.

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15 Oct 2012 04:15 #545 by d.geerlings
You could configure VSI to either log in one user at a time to a single VM, a single user to multiple VMs (maximum 1 concurrently) or multiple users to a single/multiple VMs. I am just unsure why you would want to do that. Would you mind explaining what you are trying to accomplish?

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  • aong
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15 Oct 2012 06:29 #546 by aong
I am just trying to load test our View environment without as much overhead as possible. I can understand how i can use one user to load test a RDS environment by having the single user log on to the RDS server and establish 50 simultaneous sessions. Howerver, with View, I won't be able to do the equivalent of a test unless i create 50 separate VDI VMs, and log on to each of those VMs with a separate user account from different launchers.

Typically, what would be the ideal method of testing a Vmware View environment, particularly with how you launch test sessions against the targets? Or how can i test 50 or so simultaneous connections within a View infrastructure? What would I need in terms of # of launchers, # of targets, etc. Would i also need 50 different user accounts as opposed to one?

I guess i am a bit confused how to initiate a test on a launcher that has the Vmware View client installed, especially if you can only launch only a single connection to a VDI target from the View client at a time.

Thanks for your help,

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15 Oct 2012 14:49 - 15 Oct 2012 14:50 #547 by d.geerlings
I suggest you do the following:

- Create a floating pool with 50 VMs.
- Entitle the pool to a user or a group of users.
- Make sure the following setting is set to Yes
- Use a single launcher that initiates all 50 sessions. Either with the same user account or a single user account, it doesn't really matter. See www.loginvsi.com/forum/support/124-speci...stom-commandline#124 for an example of a VMware View command line.

If you are trying to test an environment for 50 users you cannot just log on a single user 50 times. That is nowhere near the same load as having 50 concurrent users on the environment.

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