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Customizing the WorkLoad

  • Alekhya
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26 Sep 2012 07:25 #507 by Alekhya

we need to disable the MSoutlook from the Script. we tried Disabling it MSoutlook
1. Opened the VSI management console
2. In Workload Configuration
3. In the Custom Settings textbox
4. Typed: MSOUTLOOK=Disabled
5. Clicked the Save workload settings button.
And started the test for Light WorkLoad, but still Script enables the outLook :( .
How to customize the Workload.


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26 Sep 2012 14:12 #508 by d.geerlings

Can i ask why you want to disable Outlook? In general i believe it is better to solve problems regarding applications rather than disable them :)

There is a small inconsistency in the name of Outlook between the workloads. Outlook is referred to as MSOUTLOOK in the medium workload where it is referred to as MS Outlook in the rest. To disable Outlook in every workload change the custom settings to the following. Also see the attachment.
MS Outlook=Disabled


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  • Alekhya
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27 Sep 2012 03:29 #511 by Alekhya
Thanks for your quick reply...
That was working...

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