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Test does not complete

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26 Sep 2012 15:42 #509

Got through several issues concerning office 2010 and am now to the point where I can launch a test unfortunately the test stops with the progress bar just past 50%, I have been unable to find ay logs that contain any information in the log share.
am testing win7 32 bit desktop on vmware

Any direction is appreciated

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26 Sep 2012 21:56 #510


I believe you might have printer redirection enabled. Login VSI requires the Bullzip PDF printer to be the default printer. What i suspect is happening is that you will have a dialog window open on your launcher machine asking you where you want to save some xps file.

Disable printer redirection in your VMware View environment, see this post .

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02 Oct 2012 10:55 #521

Thanks Dennis
that got me going, so now I can run through the test for multiple desktops, could you direct me to where I can change the number of iterations?


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03 Oct 2012 08:16 #523

Hi Wrek,

For the number of iterations (loops), please check: Performing Tests/ Launcher Settings at our Admin Guide and set the 'Auto logoff' according to your needs.

Also read the detailed explanation from Dennis here , regarding auto logoff/loops

Regards Omar.

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