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Open, Print and Search randomly slow

  • renko
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15 Oct 2012 21:08 #548 by renko
I have been running tests for months with the same template. It has all the normal optimizations like disabled updates, defrag and other services. The test have been running fine with expected results, e.g. slowness as session count increases.

Recently, I've started to have test where Open, Print and Search operations are collectively about 1000ms slower than expected, even with only a few sessions running. The result is consistent within a VM, when look at the raw data. For example, VM "a" with a session count of 4, will have a total response of ~980ms, but VM "b" with a session count at 5 will have a total response of ~1880ms. The difference is almost exclusively in the Open, Print and Find operations. Further a "slow" VM will remain slow throughout the duration of the test.

This seems to indicate a problem with the VM or a services perhaps that is running in one VM and not the other, but is still affecting the overall windows performance.

I am going to apply the latest patches (last month or so) for MS on my master template and reimport. In the mean time, any ideas on what I should be looking at?

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  • renko
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18 Oct 2012 20:28 #549 by renko
I have discovered the problem and will open a new topic.

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