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Overwriting Existing Outlook / Exchange Settings

  • kelly_jn
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12 Nov 2012 20:58 #590 by kelly_jn

As I understand it, the Login VSI Outlook.prf file sets up a dummy POP3 server, POP3UserName=John Dummy etc. This then allows Outlook to work with the required Login VSI PST files etc. I'm currently working with a configuration where

(i) For each Login VSI test user, there is an existing email account configured to connect to a specific Exchange server (due to default corporate setting).

(ii) Because it is a Login VSI test user in a segregated lab environment, the Exchange server is not actually reachable.

Because I cannot (currently) easily change the corporate setting that points to the relevant Exchange setting, I'd like to find out if there's any way of easily updating the Outlook.prf file (or another relevant configuration file) to overwrite the invalid corporate Exchange setting with the required Login VSI dummy POP3 setting.

Thanks in advance,

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12 Nov 2012 21:01 #591 by d.geerlings

Do you know how the Exchange profile is being set by the corporate setting? Feel free to contact me directly if you do not want to share this with the world.

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