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How to collect performance counter data from VMs?

  • Gulin
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16 Nov 2012 23:07 #595 by Gulin

We are looking into collecting performance counters from the VMs during the test run. We found typeperf command line function and thinking about adding it to the test customization, but we are not sure if it is the best way.

Any suggestions?

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  • bentu
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20 Nov 2012 02:45 #602 by bentu
let hyper-v management do it!

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21 Nov 2012 17:41 #613 by o.bouhaj
Hi Gulin,

Locally custom scripts (see attached local custom script) and/or Globally pre and post scripts (see attached global custom script).

My own LAB local custom example;

Custom First Action Script; \\SERVER\VSIShare\loop.cmd
this one collects the entire loop performances (see attached loop pic)

Custom Eight Action Script; \\SERVER\VSIShare\endloop.cmd
this one ends the ESXtop (see attached endloop pic)

I start these from a PowerShell script (which are very specific for my own LAB) from my VSI manager host and also collects the startup time, boot time and then starts with Custom First Action and ends of course with Eight Action. It collects me three very precisely performances of the host and/or vm (logon took/boot perf/login perf/loop perf)

I hope i pointed you in the right direction.



PS, one can also use other third-party tools; SCOM, Edgesight, PerfMon, etc.


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