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normal ICA Error during the Test

  • Alekhya
  • Alekhya's Avatar Topic Author
19 Nov 2012 09:19 #596 by Alekhya
Alekhya created the topic: ICA Error during the Test
Hi Team,

During the Login VSI test an ICA error is occurred, so particular VDI is not geeting Launched.
please find the error screenshot.



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21 Nov 2012 17:59 #615 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: ICA Error during the Test
Hi Alekhya,

For our knowledge;

1- Which kind of environment is this XenApp/XenDesktop?
2- Which kind of connection type are you (trying to) using?
a. And if you are using a custom command line, please provide me these



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  • Alekhya
  • Alekhya's Avatar Topic Author
22 Nov 2012 04:21 #616 by Alekhya
Alekhya replied the topic: ICA Error during the Test
Hi Omar,

1- Xen desktop enviroment.
2- Connection type is Custom Command line.

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22 Nov 2012 16:05 #617 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: ICA Error during the Test
Hi All,

This item is being handled through email. I will add the results when it's solved.



Steps already provided are:

1) Custom Command Line:

“\\VSILAB\LoginVSIShare\CTXConnector\CTXConnector.exe” -s “ webinterface.vsi.com ” –u “Login_VSI%COUNT%” –p”VSI123!” –d “VSI” –r “VSI” –t1 5 –t2 7

2) ‘manually’ connect to the WI and startup the Desktop Resource (published desktop)?

If that works, then you can test the ccl in a CMD with the debug mode on by;

“\\VSILAB\LoginVSIShare\CTXConnector\CTXConnector.exe” -s “ webinterface.vsi.com ” –u “Login_VSI1” –p”VSI123!” –d “VSI” –r “VSI” –t1 5 –t2 7 -debug

2.1) we launch the VDI manually through web interface it works fine, the error occurs Randomly during the test.

3) Is it always the same machine that cannot connect? For easier troubleshooting; can you assign users to the xendesktop machines?

3.1) It is not for the same machine, its Random during the tests. Already we have assigned Login VSI Users for XenDesktop VDIs.

3.2) What I meant by assigning users to the VMs is;
Explicitly specify that e.g. only Login_VSI1 may connect to VM1, Login_VSI2 only to VM2 etc. (so private VMs). Because, If you use a pool you do not know what VM works or not.

We will need to find out why this is causing. We have the following steps to achieve this;

1- CTXConnector
a. It can be that the ICA file is deleted when the session(s) log out by the Receiver (ICA file is removed by the Citrix Receiver, not by the website). Due to the possibility that CTXConnector logs off (to) fast?
Please verify that the whole CTXConnector cycle performs correctly according to the –t1 5 and –t2 7 parameters. Meaning;
• Do all the amount of test users properly; start the CTXConnector.exe/Launch WI/Logon successful (with the right credentials)/starts the Desktop (after 5 seconds)/VM being displayed/Logoff successful (after 7 seconds)?
• I attached detailed information about the concept of CTXConnector
2- Citrix Components
a. WI
i. Which WI version is installed?
ii. Is the WI configured properly?
b. XenDesktop DDC
i. There can be configurations/settings that can cause issues
c. The VM itself
i. The VM can also be the problem
d. Citrix Receiver
i. Which Citrix Receiver version is being used?
Please check the Launchers and their CTX Receiver versions

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