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Workload not starting with VSI and XenDesktop 5.6

  • gcurry
  • gcurry's Avatar Topic Author
19 Nov 2012 16:35 #599


I have setup my launchers and management server plus have a vDisk and devices all setup and it seems to work fine. The launcher runs up IE and logs onto a VDI session. The logon script runs but then nothing.

I have confirmed that the mapped drives are present and the target can see the share but no workload runs and the auto logoff does not function.

Is there anything I should be looking at to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.

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26 Nov 2012 10:16 #620

Hi GC,

Can you please verify:
• You installed the VSI target installation on your target(s)/golden image/session host etc.
• The folder %programfiles%\Login Consultants\VSI\Files exists on your target(s) and contains about 13 items.
• The VSIShare specified in %programfiles%\Login Consultants\VSI\Files\vsi.ini is accessible for the VSI user(s). They need write access.
• The G drive is not in use/mapped. The VSI logon script will map this drive.
• The B and H drives do not exist OR are writeable by the VSI users.

Some questions that help me troubleshoot your issue
• You can also run %programfiles%\Login Consultants\VSI\Files\logon.cmd from a cmd window.
• If the logon script creates the file mappings, are you able to start the test by running B:\VSI32.exe or B:\VSI64.exe, depening on your environment?
• If running VSI32\64 from the B: drive fails, does running %programfiles%\Login Consultants\VSI\Files\VSI32.exe or VSI64.exe work?

Hoping to hear from you soon.



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  • gcurry
  • gcurry's Avatar Topic Author
26 Nov 2012 10:45 #622

Hi Omar

Thank you for the reply but we found the issue...ntfs permission for the test user accounts was set to read.

Changed to modify and everything worked fine.

Thanks again.


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26 Nov 2012 10:49 #623

Hi GC,

Thank you for the prompt reply and good to hear that everything is working fine as supposed.

Thanks in advance.



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