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Known issues in VSI 3.7

24 Dec 2012 13:01 #663

This is a listing of some of the known issues for Login VSI 3.7

The console version of the Login VSI Analyzer is missing from the installer.
The console version of the Login VSI analyzer is not part of the Login VSI 3.7 installer. As a workaround the installer can be downloaded separately from this location: loginvsi.eu/download/VSI37/VSI_Analyzer_Console.zip

Place the downloaded file in C:\Program Files\Login Consultants\VSI\Analyzer

The predefined Japanese settings contain a typo
We have been informed that the predefined Japanese settings contain a typo. Download the updated settings here: loginvsi.eu/download/VSI37/Japanese.zip

As a workaround replace the file found at C:\Program Files\Login Consultants\VSI\Launcher\Console\Profiles\Japanese.wpr with the updated file.

The domain field is ignored when using the built in RDP connector
We have been informed that the builtin RDP connector will ignore the specified domain. We have confirmed that this is a bug. The RDP connector writes the domain to the wrong field in the .rdp file it generates. We are working on a solution.

As a work around, include the domain name in the username in the following format:

The VSI management console will display an error when there is a protected process named agent active
The VSI management console will query the system to find out if the VSI launcher agent is running. The VSI management console does this by looking for a process with the name agent. When found the management console will check the executable path of the process. For some processes this may cause an access denied error. The VSI management console does not handle this error gracefully.

As a workaround run the VSI management console as an administrator.

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