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measuring and calculating vsi index

  • masanara
  • masanara's Avatar Topic Author
25 Dec 2012 10:05 #665


My test configuration is following , and the test had finished without any problem.

Workload : Heavy
# of launchers : 14
launcher capacities : 34 each
timeframe : 180
# of sessions : 150

But the result shows only the vsi index after 80 sessions.

Why the result does not contain response time of less than 80 session ?


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27 Dec 2012 07:43 #666

Hello masanara,

You are only seeing data starting at session 80 because you have a very fast logon interval. In general we recommend a logon interval of 30 seconds for each (physical) host. Your configuration (assuming 1 host) will have an interval of 1.2 seconds between sessions.

I suggest using an time frame of 4500 or simply switch to sequential launching and configure an interval of 30 seconds.

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