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Launcher v3.7 does not use Domain field correctly

  • ReneB
  • ReneB's Avatar Topic Author
08 Jan 2013 13:37 #674

VSI Version:3.7
Test system: Microsoft RDS
Operating system version target: Server2008R2 x64
Operating system version launcher(s):Server2003R2 x86
Office version target: Office 2010

Domain field from test configuration is ignored with new Launchers (if only the agent is replaced by v3.6 it works fine)

1) Setup Test Configuration (Username=Login_VSI, Domain=<Domain> for 1 session test
2) Save Test Settings
3) Start Test
4) When login fails, click on OK (see that session tries to logon as <Target>\Login_VS1)

Workaround: In Test Configuration include domain in username field (example Username= <Domain>\Login_VSI) and leave domain field empty

Kind regards,

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08 Jan 2013 15:49 #680

Hi Rene,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue, we will look into this asap.



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  • BrianEh
  • BrianEh's Avatar
10 Jan 2013 18:20 #692

I want to make sure it is clear that this is only when using RDP.
If you implement the workaround (of replacing Username with <domain>\<username>) and then use ICA to login fails and looks like: <domain>\<domain>\<username>

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14 Jan 2013 10:21 #700

Hi Brian,

This is only when using RDP and we are working on a solution for this behavior.

Update will follow.

Best regards,


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