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normal Login Acknowledgement

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08 Jan 2013 14:53 #676 by pflynn782
pflynn782 created the topic: Login Acknowledgement

All machines at the company are forced to have a standard warning/disclaimer at login, and the user must push the ok button. Is there a method for dealing with this?

THank you


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08 Jan 2013 15:45 #679 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: Login Acknowledgement
Hi Pflynn,

This message appears even before VSI starts. Since this happens before VSI has started, VSI cannot influence this message.
Because Microsoft has designed this as a sort of legal disclaimer it is almost impossible to turn it off. The only method is disabling this by domain-level.
We have a few ways to work around this issue: one way or another, this is a major obstacle in the VSI process and should be disabled.

1; Disable the Legal Notice GPO
2; If you're not allowed to do this via GPO, the only option is to manually throw away the reg key
The problem is that the GPO is re-applied after a certain time (default is I believe 90 min). you can check this in the reg key
2.1; Apply this for the golden image and re-deploy



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