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Adding more users + Outlook autodiscover

  • jonas_bson
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09 Jan 2013 10:21 #685 by jonas_bson

2 questions;

1. When I ran my AD-setup i "only" created 50 users, however I would like to test with more users now. What is the best way to do this?

2. We use Exch2010 and autodiscover is turned on, for LoginVSI to work I am forced to mail-enable all test-users or else it just stops when Outlook starts since it can't find the user on Exchange-server. Is this how you guys do it also or do you have another way to do it?


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10 Jan 2013 16:57 #689 by d.geerlings

The easiest way to add more users is to run the VSI Active Directory setup (AD setup) again. The AD setup will try to create the first 50 users which will fail, you can safely ignore the warnings displayed about this.
Please note that the following items will be overwritten. It is very unlikely that you made any changes to these files. Regardless, backup any changes made to these files.
- The group policies created by the AD setup will be overwritten. Any changes to the policies VSI User and VSI system will be overwritten.
- The logon scripts located in \\YOURDOMAIN\sysvol\YOURDOMAIN\scripts will be overwritten. Any changes made to VSI_Launcher_Logon.cmd and VSI_Logon.cmd will be overwritten.

Login VSI will configure Outlook to use a local profile. This local profile points to local PST files. If you are getting to the auto discover phase of Outlook that means this profile was not imported. I think the likely cause is an incorrect version of Office in the VSI configuration. Try the following:
1. Open the VSI management console (MMC).
2. In the MMC open the Workload Configuration tab.
3. In the Workload Configuration tab change the Office Version from the default, 12, to the version of Office you are using.
This should solve your problem.

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  • jonas_bson
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11 Jan 2013 12:45 #696 by jonas_bson
Hi Dennis,

1. Thank you, i now have successfully added more users!

2. We are running version 12 (Office 2007 SP3). However it is a 64bit machine with 32bit Office so I have hade to change from default "outlook location" to the correct one.
I've tried alot of things but still the script hangs since autodiscover kicks in. If possible I would not like to add mail-accounts to my 250 test-accoutns.

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  • jonas_bson
  • jonas_bson's Avatar Topic Author
14 Jan 2013 10:05 #698 by jonas_bson
2. I've solved this now. The problem was that our office-installation was OCT'ed and had a preconfigured profile. I found this post and the solution in it did the trick.

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14 Jan 2013 10:08 #699 by o.bouhaj
Hi Jonas,

Great! Happy benchmarking.



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