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3.7 ICA fails with AppFocus [Adobe]

  • BrianEh
  • BrianEh's Avatar Topic Author
10 Jan 2013 19:51 #694

I just finished running 3.7 through 5 clean test runs with RDP with no issues on the target machine.

I just began my first set of ICA tests.

They are failing with the error "Script Terminated [Appfocus [Adobe] does not exist waited for: 120sec.], Script has stopped. User will not logoff"

This is not a symptom of RDP, so I am a bit confounded and don't see anything in the forums to clear it up. One related thread a couple months ago, but no solution.

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11 Jan 2013 11:50 #695


Can you verify if you changed the window title for Adobe in the management console?
1. If it is changed from the default please try setting it to default.
2. If that does not solve your problem try setting it to just Adobe.

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  • BrianEh
  • BrianEh's Avatar Topic Author
11 Jan 2013 17:40 #697

I had not changed any defaults at all other than the Office Version and the Print Shortcut Key.

Therefore it was using the default of "Adobe Reader".
I changed it to "Adobe" and re-ran the ICA test. Nothing changed.

As the test is cleaning up I still get the [Appfocus [Adobe] does not exist.. error message.
Interestingly enough, there only seems to be one hung session this time though. Not bunches.

Is there a possible cleanup script that I can use?

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20 Jan 2013 20:16 #712


Why did you change the print Shortcut key? The setting is intended for Office versions that are not in English.

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  • BrianEh
  • BrianEh's Avatar Topic Author
21 Jan 2013 19:22 #714

We were having problems with printing failing with the default checkbox checked.
All that I did was uncheck the default check box to resolve the issue, I did not change the default provided values.

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