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Active Sessions are less than launched session

  • parunkumar03
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21 Jan 2013 19:10 #713 by parunkumar03
I triggered Performance run on 100 machines. At the end of test , Launched session count is 100, But the active session count is only 52. Also 48 sessions were launched but activity in it, also these sessions remains , without log-off.

I used Roaming Profile path specified in VSI share.

Any suggestions.

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22 Jan 2013 16:19 #715 by o.bouhaj

We solved this. The solution;

We have figured out the reason why LoginVSI was not able to make the Launched session to Active session. The customer was using VSI-share folder in a Windows 7 machine. Which is the master launcher. Due to the ‘limit in maximum concurrent allowed sessions’ for a Win7 VSI share was unavailable to the session, thus not able to create active session.

Moved VSI share to a Win 2k8R2 , Then it worked.



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  • benchmark
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30 Dec 2013 18:29 - 30 Dec 2013 18:32 #1565 by benchmark
I am having the same issue, I tried running a test with 150 users and all the 150 users are launched, however only 130 became active I have given enough time in launch window and autologoff. however problem still exists. Any help ?

Omar, my share is already on W2k8R2 but still the problem exists. Any suggestions ?

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23 Jan 2014 00:04 #1596 by o.bouhaj
did you check which sessions not become active? are they always the same users? do you see a pattern in users?
did the launchers initiate all sessions? do the launchers have enough resources (CPU/MEM)? are there 150 desktops available?

let me know.

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