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Question: Test Configuration>Launcher Settings

  • merrist
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28 Jan 2013 05:11 - 28 Jan 2013 05:12 #721 by merrist

Testing Environment

VSI Version:3.7
Test system: VMware view 5.1
Operating system version target: Win7
Operating system version launcher(s):Win7
Office version target: Office 2007SP3


I want to test the VDI of 200 users. I used two Pools(VDI01,VDI02), and each pools had 100 VMs. So I will used WSWC.exe to log in the VM. My configuration:
Test Configuration>Launcher Settings>Connection type>Custom Commandline

Commandline: wswc.exe ... ... -desktopName VDI01

Please attention the red place. Just use one Pool, but I have two Pools

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28 Jan 2013 07:22 #722 by d.geerlings

You will need to use a custom command line with a CSV file. See www.loginvsi.com/forum/support/278-sprea...ers-across-pools#279

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  • merrist
  • merrist's Avatar Topic Author
28 Jan 2013 08:43 #723 by merrist
I see.
Using the CSV file, like this: loginvsi.eu/Support/CSVSample.csv
So the commandline is:
wswc.exe ... ... -desktopName %CSV_pool%

Kind Regards,

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28 Jan 2013 10:58 #727 by o.bouhaj
Hi Jack,

Example of a commandline;

For flexibility you can create a CSV for input of your custom command line with the CSV. There is no limitation on the amount of columns (variables) and the naming of the parameters. Use a comma “,” as a delimiter. The setup of the CSV is straightforward, the Launcher(s) will process the second row and use the name specified in the first row as variable name. Save the custom CSV file in the Login VSI share. Example CSV file;

"c:\program files\VMware\VMWare View\Client\bin\wswc.exe" -serverURL %CSV_URL% -username %CSV_User% -password %CSV_Password% -domainname %CSV_Domain% -desktopname %CSV_Desktopname% -Standalone -logInAsCurrentUser False -connectUSBOnStartup False /noVMwareAddins

CSV file;




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