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30 out of 50 sessions are stuck

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22 Feb 2013 05:46 - 22 Feb 2013 06:02 #812 by
LoginVSI 3.7 with ViaB and Citrix receiver

I start 50 sessions to do a test. Fininaly, 30 sessions are stuck and can't log off automatically. There are three scenario for the stuck sessions.

1. script terminated


2013-02-22 02:38:41;Login_VSI23;TEST24;Appfocus;[MindMap.mm] does not exist waited for: 120sec.;Failed
2013-02-22 02:38:41;Login_VSI23;TEST24;RESET;Critical error scripts stopped;Appfocus [MindMap.mm] does not exist waited for: 120sec.

The debug log for this kind of session is 000015-Login_VSI15-TEST22-1

2. The PDF file already exists

The debug log for this kind of session is 000039-Login_VSI41-TEST42-1

3. No messages or pop windows, there is just an opened excel or word file.

The VSImax is 23 for this test. Is this behavior normal? Does it caused by too many active sessions?

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25 Feb 2013 16:16 #818 by o.bouhaj
Hello GB,

We usually see these kinds of errors when the server is near or past VSImax. Due to resource congestion applications start to fail and this particular test reached VSImax.
I have a solution for the second screenshot. This is caused by Adobe Reader not responding to the request to close. There is a VSI executable that will verify that Adobe Reader is closed and will attempt to close it again if it did not respond the first time.

Maybe you can scale down with the amount of test users and slowly increase them, or, monitor the host and see how the consuming is on available resources.



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26 Feb 2013 07:12 #821 by
Thanks. Omar. After I scaled up the hardware, I never see these errors. It should be caused by resource congestion.

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