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normal Running Create Profile test

  • aminf13
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04 Apr 2013 17:42 #878 by aminf13
aminf13 created the topic: Running Create Profile test

I'm trying to run create profiles test, but I'm not sure what I should be expecting to see when running that test. I also had a few problems that required manual tweaking before I was able to start test and I wanted to verify those with the experts.

1- I cannot log in to the target machine from launcher using Login_VSI* user. I have to change the username to <domain>\Login_VSI to be able to start the remote desktop. Documentation doesn't say anything about adding the domain name before username. Is this expected or my setup is wrong? (I have both launcher and target machine added to my domain and have moved the computers to Login_VSI\Computers OU)

2- I had to manually add all Login_VSI* users to the remote desktop users group on the target machine (Computer->Properties->Change Settings->Remote->Select Users->Add...). After running target setup probram, LOGIN_VSI_TS was added here, but I still could not log in to the target with any of the Login_VSI* users, until I made this change. Is this a required step that was not mentioned in the documentation or am I doing something wrong here?

3- When starting the create profile test (with the above changes), I can see a session opened on the launcher to the target machine, but there is a blank screen after that. Nothing else is running in there. Mouse pointer works, but mouse clicks do NOT work. Keyboard is active. Is this the expected behavior? What should I see when running the create profiles test?


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  • aminf13
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05 Apr 2013 14:43 - 05 Apr 2013 14:44 #880 by aminf13
aminf13 replied the topic: Running Create Profile test
After a long hours of struggle here is what I found. Thought I better post it as it might help others.

1- Apparently this one is a known issue. My apologies for cluttering the forum

2- I re-installed OS on the active directory server, promoted it to doman controller and ran ADSetup again. I also added the launcher machine to the domain, something that I didn't know I should do (my launcher is different than active directory server). This resolved the problem. (Note: Login_VSI_TS group still needs to be added to the local remote desktop users group on the target machine)

3- This one turns out to be tricky. If you follow the instructions for setting up the target machine, it says to enable remote desktop services AFTER installing office and running target setup. However, I found out that the order should be reversed. Here is the exact order of steps that worked for me:

1. Installed OS and all updates
2. Added target machine to domain, moved it to Login_VSI OU
3. Added Remote Desktop Session Host role to the target
4. Installed office and all updates
5. Ran Target setup
6. Adjusted the page file size

After that, when running create profile test I can see applications opened in the session.

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05 Apr 2013 16:02 #883 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: Running Create Profile test
Hi Amin,

Good to hear that you got it fixed and sorry for our late responses.
If you have any further questions please let us know.



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