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normal Core workload BUG

  • merrist
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10 Apr 2013 08:18 #890 by merrist
merrist created the topic: Core workload BUG
The workload type is Core. And we have 1000 sessions. The timeframe is 3600 seconds.(The timeframe value is a important factor)

When I finished the test, I find that the size of the VSIShare folder is so big. About more than 30GB. And the longer the timeframe value, the biger the VSIShare folder is created.

Kind Regards,

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10 Apr 2013 08:35 #891 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Core BUG
Hello Jack,

The core workload is an empty workload. It is there to allow you to create a completely customized workload. If you do not add any customization the workload will run through loops very quickly. Since it runs through the workloads very quickly the debug logs will grow much quicker as well.

Either configure the core workload to run with customization or run a different workload.

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