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Problem with Outlook in VMware View

  • aminf13
  • aminf13's Avatar Topic Author
15 Apr 2013 17:54 #899


I'm trying to run the tests on a VMware view platform and I'm having problem with outlook at the first step, create profiles. I get the session up, outlook starts, and then I receive the following error message:

"The path specified for the file H:\Outlook Files\Outlook.pst is not valid."

Looking at H:\Outlook Files I can see that the directory is indeed empty and there are no files in it. (However, H:\doc, H:\ppt, H:\pst and H:\xls each have one file in them). I have re-installed the target setup on the VM but problem still persists. I would appreciate your kind help in resolving the problem. Details of the setup are below:

VMware view: 5.2
Desktop VM: Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit
Office: Office 2010 standard
LoginVSI version: 3.7


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15 Apr 2013 17:57 #900

Hi Amin,

please take a look at this post; www.loginvsi.com/forum/support/658-login...ew-personamanagement



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  • aminf13
  • aminf13's Avatar Topic Author
15 Apr 2013 20:54 #901

Thank you so much Omar. Your response was indeed precise and helpful. I commented out the line regarding Office 15 and things started to work.

Thanks again,

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