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Script Terminated [Appfocus

  • dibbens
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21 May 2013 22:53 #1040 by dibbens
Hi I seem to be getting plagued with stuck sessions regarding the Script terminated Appfocus.
I have adjusted timeouts to 300 secs as recommended etc. I see this typically with MindMap and Adobe.
It seems to occur anytime through the test e.g loop 1 loop 5 etc. I have reduced the test load but still see the error. Obviously the more sessions I put on the more I see the error, however even with 20 sessions I am still seeing the error occur.
The test environment is XenApp 6.5 on a hyper-V host (2012) I have used the tool many times in the past but never seen these errors unless the serve was under heavy load.

Extracts from the logs:
03;Appfocus;[MindMap.mm] does not exist waited for: 300sec.;Failed
2013-05-22 08:28:34;Login_VSI7;XAPHV003;RESET;Critical error scripts stopped;Appfocus [MindMap.mm] does not exist waited for: 300sec.

Thanks Pete

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22 May 2013 08:53 #1047 by d.geerlings

Did increasing the timeout reduce the occurrences of this error?
Did the sessions that got stuck here eventually open the applications?

The applications are simply not opening in a timely fashion. You could increase the timeout even further but keep in mind that applications are already taking over 300 seconds to open.

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  • dibbens
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22 May 2013 10:31 #1049 by dibbens
Thanks Dennis,

Increasing the timeout seemed to make little difference. I have just created a new image for the XenApp servers and the occurrence of the issue is somewhat reduced without Antivirus.
I am using MS endpoint protection in the image also so not sure if this has something to do with it, I am still testing. I have had the issue occur with the first user logged into the test???.

Previously I have carried out the same tests with XenServer as the hypervisor without seeing the issue unless the host was under heavy load. (this is a FlexPod architecture)

Thanks again Pete

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17 Jun 2013 10:29 #1154 by o.bouhaj
Thanks Pete. Let me know how things are processing. Thanks,



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  • dibbens
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17 Jun 2013 10:45 #1155 by dibbens
Thanks for your support and my apologies for not updating earlier. I resolved the issues.

The issue was resolved by carrying out the following (sorry I was running out of time to find out which process) I have Citrix EdgeSight in my image I excluded the following processes from EdgeSight:


See the following article:
support.citrix.com/article/CTX134770 ( Note: MsMpEng.exe;msseces.exe Antivirus)

Test runs rock solid I can max out the host CPU etc etc and out of 1200 sessions under test I see maybe 4 stuck sessions under full load.

Thanks again for your help


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