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Test cannot proceed in XenDesktop environment

  • melodygh
  • melodygh's Avatar Topic Author
02 Feb 2012 08:47 #71 by melodygh
I'm trying to run LoginVSI with 1 session in XenDesktop environment.
It seems that the test cannot proceed when trying to print doc to pdf.

XenDesktop 5.5
Windows 7 32bit
Office 2007 professional plus
LoginVSI 3.5

I've attached the screenshot and LoginVSI configuration.


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03 Feb 2012 08:04 #72 by d.geerlings

The printing to PDF should not involve a Save As dialog. The only reason you would see this dialog is when you would try to save a document that hasn't been saved before. As we open Word by opening a word document through file type association this shouldn't happen.

Can you send me the contents of \\server\vsishare\_VSI_Configuration to d.geerlings@loginvsi.com

Please do NOT upload it to the forum.

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  • melodygh
  • melodygh's Avatar Topic Author
03 Feb 2012 08:12 #73 by melodygh
Thanks for your reply. The issue has been resolved by disabling client drive/printer redirection in XenDesktop. But will you tell me what is the LoginVSI doing as the screenshot I captured?

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03 Feb 2012 08:32 #74 by d.geerlings
Login VSI is typing text to a word document. After typing the document gets saved. This is likely the step you have in your screenshot.

In the overview of the medium workload ( www.loginvsi.com/images/documentation/v3/mediumworkload.png ) you can look for timestamp 4:35, the orange section.

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