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script terminated [Appfocus [Wired] dose not exist waited for:120sec.]

  • neokylin
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28 Aug 2013 07:33 - 28 Aug 2013 07:34 #1382 by neokylin
I run a medium test,some sessions stuck at wired,it say that:"script terminated [Appfocus [Wired] dose not exist waited for:120sec.],script has stopped.User will not logoff."

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27 Feb 2014 13:30 #1659 by o.bouhaj

can you make sure that Wired is not interfering with any other screen windows/popups?
it can happen that wired can not be activated due to a different window in the user session.
does this happen often as well?
is VSImax hit when you see this, basically is the server not saturated?

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