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How to determine path to the current active run directory?

  • martinrowan
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11 Oct 2013 11:06 #1449 by martinrowan
I would like to capture some information about each users session at the start of the test and store this txt file with the VSI run logs on the VSI share.

From within the machine running VSI is there already somewhere that captures the path to the <ProfileShare>\<RunName>?
Or do I need to generate this myself by reading the VSI.ini to get the the share name, then looking at the name of the .IsActiveTest file.

I check the environment variables set and didn't see anything obvious to help me out, so before I spend any time writing something to do this I thought I'd check there wasn't something available already somewhere in the session, a file, a reg key a variable?

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12 Oct 2013 00:17 #1450 by d.geerlings

There is no registry key, file or regkey that has the value you are looking for. I can make a small change to VSI.exe to have it write the VSIshare and/or the active test name to an environment variable or reg key if you like.

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  • martinrowan
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12 Oct 2013 08:26 #1452 by martinrowan
Hi Dennis, I've hacked together a cmd script to do it at the moment, but it would be a nice enhancement to expose more easily in future updates to 3.x and 4.x versions.

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