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Ctrl Key stuck in Word 2010?

  • john.thompson
  • john.thompson's Avatar Topic Author
24 Dec 2013 17:47 #1559 by john.thompson
I'm using Login VSI 3.7 with Office 2010.

I'm seeing an issue where Word thinks that the Ctrl key is being held down, and it prompts to start Word in safe mode which breaks the test run.

Has anyone seen this before, or does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it?

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24 Dec 2013 20:40 #1560 by o.bouhaj
There is a feature that can reset a stuck control key in v3.x.

in the MMC/Custom settings configure (see attached screenie):

If that works and CTRL is indeed stuck then you should see this in the log files:
"VSI_ReleaseCTRL", "Down Ctrl detected", "START"
"VSI_ReleaseCTRL", "Down Ctrl detected", "FINISH"

As it may take a call to see why the CTRL key is stuck or what possible reason is that CTRL is not working.

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  • john.thompson
  • john.thompson's Avatar Topic Author
26 Dec 2013 18:53 #1563 by john.thompson
That seemed to help a little bit, but, the problem still occurs.
Where would these particular log files be located? On the VSI Share or the virtual desktop?

Also, are you guys open for phone support this time of year?

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