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Benchmark runs stay stuck at 0 sessions / 43 minutes left to run

  • mjb
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16 Jun 2014 22:29 #2047 by mjb
Hello folks,

I'm trying to run some tests on Horizon View 5.3.1. I have a pool of 200 VMs configured with appropriate GPOs. I have 4 launchers and am running the file share from the same system as the management console. For some reason, whenever I try to scale up to 50 VMs my sessions don't launch. I noticed estimated time remains at around 43 minutes (still counting down, then bouncing up, then down again) indefinitely.

I've tried benchmark and non-benchmark mode. I've reboot everything. As a new Login VSI guy, I haven't a clue what to do next. I'm on the Pro version.


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17 Jun 2014 06:38 #2048 by t.willemsen

I would like to setup a gotomeeting session with you to solve your issues. Please email us at Support@loginvsi.com with your preferred time / day and timezone so we can setup a session.

In the meanwhile can you check the following things:
- Can you manually setup a connection to your vm's from your launchers?
- When the test is started do the launchers try and launch the sessions (you can see this when you see a commandline entered in the launcher window)
- I see that you have configured 4 launchers for 200 sessions, so 50 sessions per launcher. Our best practice for VMware Horizon View environments is 25 sessions per launcher.
- Try to disable basephase (found in test setup > scenario (bottom left button) and run the test again.

Let me know the results.


Tom Willemsen - Support VSI

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  • mjb
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18 Jun 2014 11:41 #2051 by mjb
Thanks Tom -- I'm working through the troubleshooting steps while connected to support. I'll update this thread once I have an answer!

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  • mjb
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19 Jun 2014 18:18 #2054 by mjb
I want to let you know that the issue is resolved. We had an intermittent communication issue between the storage system and the NFS server that caused connection timeouts. This had a downstream effect of Login VSI sitting in this situation as I described it above.

It would be quite helpful to users if some further fault isolation was part of the software. I'll throw that out there as a feature request for now or let me know if there are supports for adding code to your software.


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19 Jun 2014 21:48 #2055 by o.bouhaj
Thanks for the feedback and status-update.
We will take the feedback internally!

GL BM'ing

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