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  • Melvink
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18 Jun 2014 05:20 #2049 by Melvink

I am testing with LoginVSI and looking at how I can create my custom workload. In my custom workload, I know I have to add VSI_Timer() in order to calculate the response time. From your documentations, I understand that the response time is derived from 6 operations:

Starting “VSI Notepad”
Starting the “File Open” dialogue
Starting the “Print” dialogue
Compress the document into a zip file with 7-zip command line (2x)
Starting Microsoft Word with a document

May I clarify if these operations are actually carried out and measured by the VSI_Timer() command?

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18 Jun 2014 09:20 #2050 by t.willemsen
Hello Melvink

For the VSI_Timer() the actions are exactly what you are describing as described on our website the actions and metrics are:

WSLD = Start Microsoft Word and Load a random document
NSLD = Start VSI-Notepad and Load a document
WFO = Press file open in VSI-Notepad
NFP = Press print open in VSI-Notepad
ZHC* = Compress files with high compression
ZNC* = Compress files with no compression

The metric names i.e. WSLD, can be found in the analyzer when you analyze the results.


Tom Willemsen - Support VSI

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  • Melvink
  • Melvink's Avatar Topic Author
18 Jun 2014 15:04 #2052 by Melvink
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply. So I would assume that at the minimum the target will need Microsoft Office for WSLD? VSI-Notepad and 7-zip executables are copied from the VSI share to a local temp folder. Is it possible to exclude WSLD if the environment I'm testing on does not have Microsoft Office?

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19 Jun 2014 06:32 #2053 by t.willemsen
Hello Melvink,

You can not alter the VSI_Timer() function, this is hard coded in the engine and cannot be changed.

However depending on your license you can also upgrade to Login VSI 4.1RC3 which can be found on the website. This has new timers built in, the VSI_Timer41(), which does not include the office timer. We removed this on purpose to facilitate non-office environments. There are also other changes but they can be found here: www.loginvsi.com/documentation/Login_VSI_4.x_Release_Notes

The new 4.1 timers are:
NSLD = Notepad starts and loads a 1500kb document
NFO = Measure how long it takes to show the file-open dialog in VSI notepad
ZHC* = Create a zipfile with high compression
ZLC* = Create a zipfile with low compression
CPU = Calculates a large array of random data

If you want please send me you license info (preferably the email adress on the license and company name) to Support@loginvsi.com. So i can check if you are eligible to use 4.1.


Tom Willemsen - Support VSI

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