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In LB Scenario VSImax numbers not coming consistant

  • a_aaron
  • a_aaron's Avatar Topic Author
30 Jul 2014 17:35 #2094 by a_aaron
We have been running the test on XenApp Farm set up and are getting in consistent VSIMax numbers.

Load: light
Host: 128GB RAM + 32 vCPU
No of VM: 5 (12GB RAM + 4CPU each)
No of Launchers:5
No of sessions: 100

Have noticed 100%CPU on the XenAPP VMs when the Excel and zip operations are happening.

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30 Jul 2014 17:54 #2095 by d.geerlings
Please send us the data that you want us to take a look at. You can email them to support@loginvsi.com if you are not comfortable with posting that data on a public forum. You can find the data in \\server\vsishare\_VSI_Logfiles. Inside that folder you will find a folder for each test. Zip the folder for the test(s) that you want us to take a look at and send the zip file(s) to us.

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  • a_aaron
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31 Jul 2014 04:57 #2097 by a_aaron
attached is the file.

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31 Jul 2014 07:23 #2098 by t.willemsen
Hello Aaron,

I see in the logfiles that your test hits the VSI Threshold at the very beginning of the test. Afterwords it dives down and stabalizes untill the end of the test where it goes up as expected (the final spike at the end can be ignored). The most likely cause for the early spike is due to energy settings. The second sudden increase and drop in the analyzer supports this.

What happens is that when the test starts it is in its "power saving mode" and does not utilize the full 100% of the server for the first few sessions, therefor the response times are higher. As the amount of sessions and load increases the server will utilize more resource to cope with the extra load. Then comes the drop, this happens again at the second "bump". After this the response times stabilize and the server is using its full capacity.

Please make sure that your Hypervisor, BIOS (of the server), VM's and / or Storage solution is set to maximum performance. Once this is done i expect the spikes to be lower and your VSImax to be more stable.

Let me know the results!

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