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Active Sessions are less than Logon session

  • n3m8tz
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31 Jul 2014 01:18 #2096 by n3m8tz
I have 20 Launchers.
Sessions = 100 (Virtual 7 Machines on top of Horizon View)
Overall Logon Rate = 30
I run profile creation for 20 sessions, and running profile creation for 100 sessions.
Issue 1: Only ~70 / 100 Logon sessions become Active sessions. On some Machines I see the following error:

issue 2: Login VSI Mgmt Console incorrectly displays total number of launched/active/logged off sessions

Would this be related to me creating profiles twice? (My profiles are redirected to CIFs share btw)
If I cleanup the profile_redirection folder and re-run the test, than I would get about 95% of Logon Sessions as Active.

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01 Aug 2014 12:18 #2101 by t.willemsen
Hello sir,

My apologies for the late response. Adding Profile creation should not interfere with the workload. May i ask why you run profile creation for 20 sessions and then for 100 sessions? Are you running 2 tests or do you mean the launchers? Can you explain this a bit more?

As for the error message, can you check in that session if the %temp%\VSI\ folder exists and if there are files in this folder?

Also you could clean all of the local profiles on your machines and see if this improves anything.

Keep us posted, and again my apologies.

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01 Aug 2014 17:51 #2102 by d.geerlings

It looks like the problem is due to the logon script not finishing before Windows Explorer loads. Please either apply this group policy ( technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc975925.aspx ) or switch the engine startup setting from shell to chained. You can find the engine startup setting in the management console under workload > settings.

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  • n3m8tz
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01 Aug 2014 20:05 #2103 by n3m8tz
Thank you! Now my my Logon Sessions are Equal to my Active Sessions.
My goal is to have 600/600 profile created, right now I only get to about half of Launched Sessions do Logon.

Would this be related to the rate of logon? Also shouldn't the sessions still try to logon once all are launched?

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