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No Active Session, Launched but not performing WorkLoad Execution

  • a_aaron
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21 Aug 2014 05:13 - 21 Aug 2014 05:21 #2115 by a_aaron
Hi Team,

Problem statement:
I am using LoginVSI with XenApp 7.5 and landed in a problem where I could see sessions are launched but sitting Idle, No Workload execution happening.

Setup Details:
LoninVSI Version:
XenApp 7.5 [ I installed only this and not XenDesktop ]
OS for all the components : Windows 2k8r2 SP1
I am running it with Default Phase1 where Sessions: 10 & Launch Windows: 2800

I know in XenApp 6.5 I used to publish Desktop and in Connection string i used to have /application "Desktop", then it used to connect to desktop which was published through "publish applications" wizard, and it also used to execute workload. But in XenApp 7.5 in applications tab I dont see desktop listed alike in XenApp 6.5 ( Not sure if at all we need to publish desktop as well, if yes then how or is there any change around here ? ) So at present I dont have /application component from connection string and it's connecting to Desktop but no action then after mentioned in workload.

This is 1st time I am using LoginVSI with XenApp 7.5 so I am not sure if i am missing something here ?

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21 Aug 2014 07:29 #2116 by t.willemsen
Hello Aaron,

Are you trying to "only" launch applications through xenapp or are you hosting desktops? Now about your problem, if a workload does not start it can have several reasons. Can you please check / answer the following list?
- Do you have any RES or AppSense in your environment?
- Are you using different users / VSIshare with your new setup compared to your old environment?
- When you login into a session and browse to the %tmp% directory, do you see a folder called VSI?
- If the VSI folder exists, please try and change the setting "Engine Startup" found in the Management Console > Workload > Settings tab all the way at the bottom. Change it to chained and then try to start a test.

Let me know your results!

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  • a_aaron
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21 Aug 2014 08:29 #2117 by a_aaron
Hey Tom,

Thanks for the quick reply !!!
Good news is it got resolved.

- Yes, We are trying only applications through XenApp and no hosting of Desktop.
- No App Sense in environment
- Yes, I am using new VSIShare, but was using same AD setup same VSI users. and thats where the problem was lain.

I was going through the topics here and in one you mentioned about "logon" scripts, So I checked for "netlogon" calls on AD and saw it was referring to old VSIshare. I edited those commands and it worked fine.

Sessions are launched -> active & running workloads now.

Thanks for the solution :)

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21 Aug 2014 08:36 #2118 by t.willemsen
Good to hear!

Goodluck testing, if you have any other questions please dont hesitate to ask.


Tom Willemsen - Login VSI

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