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ICA client version requierement

  • ergo
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04 Sep 2014 11:28 #2136 by ergo
Are there any requirements as to the version of the citrix client to be installed on the launchers?
Does it have to be the receiver or can I use the receiver 3.4 Windows enterprise for example?
In this case I would imagine I have to to modify the connection string in the VSI Connection configuration from:
http//server/Citrix/Store/PNagent/Config.xml ?


thx and cheers
Thierry garcia

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04 Sep 2014 11:44 #2137 by t.willemsen
Hello Thierry,

The version of Citrix receiver does not matter, VSI can work with Citrix Enterprise and normal version, as long as the launchers have a version installed (they need to be able to launch ica files). The VSI Connection configuration string does not have to be changed.


Tom Willemsen - Support VSI

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  • ergo
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05 Sep 2014 08:18 #2141 by ergo
Thx a lot Tom, Ive installed the other client and will check it out

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