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Does LoginVSI provide any figures around RAM/CPU usage during run ?

  • a_aaron
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12 Sep 2014 09:12 #2150 by a_aaron
Hi Team,

Calculating VSIMax does consider resource consumption, True but if I want explicit readings of RAM & CPU [Average/Normalized] used to calculate VSIMax for that particular Run, I know Performance counters can be an option but can i get it from Login VSI ?

Thanks in Advance.
- RJ

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12 Sep 2014 16:52 #2151 by d.geerlings

Login VSI Looks at things from a user experience point of view. The idea is that a user generally doesn't care what CPU utilization is like, or how large the disk queue length is. As long as the user can work at an acceptable performance.

You can however collect that data yourself. By collecting data from the hypervisor level using the tools that are supplied with the hypervisor or third party tools. The VSI analyzer can use that external data to integrate with the existing graphs that we have. See www.loginvsi.com/documentation/Beta_func...orting_external_data

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