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LoginVSI client test openning file named "openFileDialog1"

  • wei
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28 Sep 2014 02:01 #2166 by wei
I used the loginVSI version is LoginVSI410, LoginVSI410Patch is not installed, patch.89*9+
Environment are as follows
1.AD server 2008R2
2.LoginVSI server 2008R2
3 Client, XP system (Chinese), office 2007 English
LoginVSI is installed on the AD, each test has encountered a problem,
<openning file named "openFileDialog1">
why ? who can hellpl me

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29 Sep 2014 08:45 #2167 by t.willemsen
Hello Wei,

I see that you are using a Chinese Operating System. The version that you are using does not have support of the Chinese language built-in. To add this language please download the following file:


Extract this file and place the "LanguageSettings.csv" in your \\VSIShare\_VSI_Configuration\_CurrentTest folder. Please back-up the old file.

When the new file has been placed (re)-start the Login VSI Management Console and change the language setting in the Workload > Settings > OS Language to Chinese.

Let us know how things go!

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  • wei
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29 Sep 2014 09:09 #2168 by wei
thank you very much , :P :P i use your Method to solve the above problem!!
may i ask your another question ?
if I can use (loginVSI)express to test RDP,whic RDP capacity of the largest number of LoginVSI MAX desktop,
At the moment I can only test a single desktop!

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29 Sep 2014 10:45 #2169 by t.willemsen
Hello Wei,

Good to hear this solved your problems. With a trial license you can test a maximum of 20 sessions. So you should be able to setup more then one session. Do you see an error message when you configure more sessions?

Keep us posted!

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