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Change %VSI_Userhome% or read docs from different share ?

  • simonplant
  • simonplant's Avatar Topic Author
22 Oct 2014 09:51 #2208

I need to be able to move the user documents to a new network share (for permissions reasons) so they are copied (using VSI_random_File_Copy) to the same location, but a different location to the core VSI share.

Can I simply create a new share, copy the _VSI_Content directory and set a new VSI_Userhome ? If so, how ?


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22 Oct 2014 11:11 #2209

Hello Simon,

The %VSI_Userhome% or H drive is linked to the %tmp%\VSI\HomeDrive location this location can not be changed. If you do not wish to use the VSIShare as the source for all of the files and videos you can change this.

- Create a new server with a share that grants the LoginVSI users to read, write and modify the files.
- Copy the _VSI_Content and _VSI_websites to that share (from the original VSIShare)
- Open the Management console > Web Servers / Data servers
- Remove original share location and place the new share location

This will let you use a different VSIshare as content source. All of the logfiles will still be placed on the original VSIshare.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

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  • simonplant
  • simonplant's Avatar Topic Author
22 Oct 2014 12:39 #2210

I’ve already moved the _VSI_Websites to an actual web server and added that to the webservers definition so thats working fine.

I’ll try it with the docs. I’d missed the dataservers definition. Thanks.


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