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normal What should be the connector String when connecting to XenApp 7.6

  • a_aaron
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30 Oct 2014 07:56 #2221 by a_aaron
a_aaron created the topic: What should be the connector String when connecting to XenApp 7.6
Hi Team,

I am facing problem when I am trying to launch test, I think its something around connector.

Let me tell you my setup:
Windows 2012 R2 - Delivery controller + License Server + StoreFront [All in 1 ]
Windows 2008 R2 - Application server with VDA using to share Server Desktop as well as applications both.
LoginVSI - pro

When manually I am accessing Citrix Web Receiver URL, I can explore XenDesktop & apps without any issues.
But How I can use it with LoginVSI, I used to run it on XenApp6.5 using ICAConnect, tried with same connector for XenApp 7.6, It dint work, gave me Protocol Driver Error.

Few Basic Questions:
1. To what should I connect, Delivery controller server [Win1k12] Or Actual XenApp server from catalog [win 2k8r2]. I am trying to connect Delivery controller/Storefront, It should take care of redirecting it to proper XenApp server or Server Desktop published.. Correct me if i am wrong.
2. When I tried using Citrix Web Interface [In Citrix 7.5 its StoreWeb], It launched Web Receiver but dint put user name, It waited and then closed.

Any other way I can get connected and run WorkLoads, Why it isnt working with 7.6 [?]

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30 Oct 2014 10:39 #2222 by t.willemsen
t.willemsen replied the topic: What should be the connector String when connecting to XenApp 7.6
Hello Aaron,

When using either XenDesktop 7.x or XenApp 7.x in combination with a Storefront we recommend using our SFconnector. (storefront connector). For information about how to set this up please see the following link:

Please try this connector first, if you run into any problems or issues email us or post a new reply here.

Extra note: Make sure that you do not used the StoreWeb link but the actual Store.

Keep us posted,


Tom Willemsen - Support VSI

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  • a_aaron
  • a_aaron's Avatar Topic Author
31 Oct 2014 07:43 #2228 by a_aaron
a_aaron replied the topic: What should be the connector String when connecting to XenApp 7.6
Thanks Tom,

With SFconnect, I could able to connect & launch the workload as well. good to proceed.


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