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VSIConsoleConnector has stopped working

  • aaron.patten
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06 Nov 2014 13:00 #2238 by aaron.patten
I'm having an issue where LoginVSI consistently fails to launch all sessions for a given test. In my setup I have two launchers using DDC to connect to 1000 desktops. Tests always start fine, but at random points in the test one (or both at times) will simply stop launching sessions.
If I connect to the launcher, click on the command prompt and simply hit "enter" it will start launching sessions again. If I let it just sit, I eventually get an error box that pops up as shown in the attached screen shot. You can see that this particular time it just stopped launching sessions after user loginvsi0824. I eventually aborted the test since I wasn't around to catch the failure this time.

Any pointers to what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated as this is holding up a certification test for us.

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06 Nov 2014 15:38 #2240 by o.bouhaj

DDC is very dependent on DNS (if you use hostnames, which I see you do). I assume some of the machine (DNS) names are not up-to-date and/or not accessible.

Also try pinging the machines that eventually popup, since DDC (ConsoleConn) will only give you these errors when that machines is not available.

A few other mandatory requirements are,
- the launcher users requires local admin permissions on the target (test) machines
- firewall disabled
- DNS/DHCP properly up/running (easy cleaning the DNS/DHCP scope > reboot all machines can/will help)
- Use IP instead of hostnames

Let us know.

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  • aaron.patten
  • aaron.patten's Avatar Topic Author
06 Nov 2014 17:14 #2241 by aaron.patten
Thanks for your response.

DNS is functional and accurate for my environment. As noted in the original post, if I simply press enter DDC will make a successful connection to the desktop and continue launching sessions - if DNS was broken that would not work. For some reason it is simply hanging up randomly. DNS pings for the affected desktops work fine. Since DNS is functional, I don't think running the test via IP would have any effect.

All desktops are built from the same master image, so all have the correct permissions.

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06 Nov 2014 17:22 #2242 by o.bouhaj
Pls if this happens again click on Close in the connector and show us the message in the Agent.


Several reasons. Did it ever fully work for all sessions? Rebooted the entire stack: launchers/targets yet?

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