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unanswered Error - "There is no VSImax data within the results" is seen.

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06 Nov 2014 15:02 #2239 by bhanugrv
bhanugrv created the topic: Error - "There is no VSImax data within the results" is seen.
I am trying to run LoginVSI 4.1.0858 with Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 for Citrix SFConnect.exe. Have taken the launcher as the Active Directory Machine. The tests are getting started and the new VDI sessions kick off and I see the login process for each VDI desktops and Microsoft Office tests are run. The test completes but when trying to verify the logs, it throws an error "There is no VSImax data within the results. Please verify the quality of the test." When I've tried to analyze the data after the test completes. I've seen this error listed in prior posts, but the fixes either relate to installing a patch or suggest contacting support.

Operating system version target: Windows 7
Operating system version launcher(s): Server 2012 R2
Office version target: Office 2010

I may be missing something so if I am in my test please let me know and I will be be very much appreciative.


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