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No logon sessions after 4.1.1 upgrade

  • aaron.patten
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12 Nov 2014 21:38 #2249 by aaron.patten
Upgraded to 4.1.1 and now sessions launched from DDC do not log into desktops.

If I manually log into the desktops during the test then the test starts as I would expect.

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  • vnephologist
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14 Nov 2014 14:05 #2250 by vnephologist
I'm having this exact same issue (ticket 957). I upgraded trying to fix another issue I was having and now fear it is this new version causing the problem. I've tried several things including switching between Chained and Shell engine startup with no success. All sessions launch successfully but none of them ever go active.

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17 Nov 2014 17:01 - 17 Nov 2014 17:01 #2251 by o.bouhaj
Hi All,

Please download this version of DDC: here
Delete the current files in: VSIshare\_VSI_Binaries\Connectors\ConsoleConnector\*
Unpack it to: VSIshare\_VSI_Binaries\Connectors\ConsoleConnector\*

Thanks and sorry for any causing problems.

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