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How many IOPS does each workload produce?

  • BillK
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01 Dec 2014 21:35 #2272 by BillK
Hi, I was wondering if you have an approximate number of IOPS that a single target produces for each of the standard workloads.

I've run the HEAVY workload, and it still doesn't seem to stress the system very much. So short of creating 1000's of VMs, I wanted to try and bump up the per/target load being created. If I had some idea what it's expected to generate, it would help me figure out if my targets are working properly.

Thank you.

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01 Dec 2014 22:08 #2273 by j.hsieh
Hi Bill,

The workloads for Light, Medium, Heavy, Task Worker, Office Worker, Knowledge Worker, and Power Worker are 5.2, 7.4, 7, 6, 8.1, 8.5, and 10.8 IOPS respectively.

We have a documentation here that tells you the IOPS and CPU usage of each workload here: www.loginvsi.com/documentation/Changes_old_and_new_workloads

As you are a vendor, I would highly recommend upgrading to the newest version of LoginVSI, as it will include the other workloads that are not in 4.0. There is also a newly created workload called the Storage Workload that has high IOPS. Please talk to your account manager if you would like this workload.

I hope this information helps!

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  • BillK
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01 Dec 2014 22:26 #2274 by BillK

Thank you.

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