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normal launcher requirement

  • gary
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07 Jan 2015 17:24 - 07 Jan 2015 17:27 #2299 by gary
gary created the topic: launcher requirement
I'm new to Login VSI,
I setup my master launcher already (install whole loginVSI software), now I want to add second launcher, does the second launcher also need to install loginVSI software? or just install Horizon View the Horizon View Client?

My second question is that does all launchers need to run Agent.exe? or only master launcher?

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08 Jan 2015 09:49 #2300 by t.willemsen
t.willemsen replied the topic: launcher requirement
Hello Gary,

Login VSI does not have a "master Launcher" it has two major components:
Login VSI Share
This is where you install all of the software, recommended to not use as launcher in actual tests.

Login VSI Launchers
These kickoff the sessions and only require:
- Access to the VSIshare
- Have read/write/modify permissions on the VSishare
- Have a connection to the Target environment (Deployed vm's)
- Have the right connector installed, in your case the VMware horizon view client.

The link below shows an image of a Vmware view setup with Login VSI, this might explain things a bit better:

All of the launchers need to start the agent.exe for them to work. This is started from the VSIshare. So the Login VSI software does not have to be installed here.

Hope this explains it!

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